How to configure a domain

Anyone who has ever delegated own domain name, must understand that bought from one domain registrar (domain name) and a site that will show the visitor does not always happen at the same service, usually it is not. For a person experienced a fairly simple procedure, but the novice can immediately stumble at this hurdle, the fact that it is unclear how the newcomer joined the website files and domain name.

Let’s find out why bother to have to delegate the domain?

Domain – this is just a personal URL, clicking on which the user will be able to come to your site from anywhere in the world, where there is an internet course, though, the domain – this is the same as the car number, “identifier” roughly speaking. Not enough to have only the domain, usually on the bare domain registrar page is displayed from which you bought it. To view this site, you need to place your website files (pictures, video, text) in a special place – the repository of tethers, which is called the hosting service and link your domain to this hosting.

Hosting – a large number of servers connected to a particular technology, when accessing a file server looks for it on your disk. If a domain name registrar and hosting the same company problem redirecting domain should arise.
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To work site has been stable and reliable, you will need at least two DNS-server. If one server happens any accident, or simply disconnect then the second server load site itself. Loss of performance site can strike not only your customers and orders, the fact is that search engines are very negative view off the site and do you know why – the fact that as long as your site is off, you still continue to hang in the search results and people continue navigate to your pages, well even if they see a 404 error, but usually there is 500 error – server not found, in other words, the search engine leads visitors to nowhere, for it is very easily pissimiziruet sites.

Now let’s learn how to delegate the domain:
You ordered domain registrar – such as
Snap domain is necessary for hosting – for example

The fact that the final stage of registration of the domain registrar of domain names you will be asked to leave the DNS server addresses registrar or specify your own. DNS – Domain Name Server is, verbatim and translated from English. Hosting you already should be paid and ready!

Why subdomains on hosting

Subdomains have many names, they can be called: subdomains, parallel parked domains, etc. The essence of the meaning of each term is a little different from each other and should not be treated all the above names under one common value. In this article we try to explain the essence of each individual title.

What is a subdomain

Subdomain – this is essentially the same domain as your primary domain name, with the only difference. Subdomain is actually a sub-domains on your main domain, it is always a level below the main domain name.

If your primary domain name, then the subdomain of the name can be If you recall an article about the levels of domain names, it can be assumed that – it is a separate third level domain. But in practice, it still is a subdomain of the main domain, while ranked by the search engines as a separate domain. The reasons for the creation of additional domains hosting may be several.

Firstly, it is the desire of the owner of the site to organize your life according to the laws of structuring. Second, to facilitate the process of moving the resource online. Both are equally a very important argument in a proper and quality work online project.

Next, consider the options for creating subdomains:

Multilingual website. If the site owner decided to create a website in several languages at once, without subdomains can not do. Creating an additional domain for each language would look like this: and so on.
Large complex projects. If the plans webmasters include the creation of a large site with many structural sections subdomains here will be very useful. For example, or

And as mentioned above, the creation of subdomains has very positive effect on SEO. Sites with a properly organized structure are very good at promoting. Subdomains of one site can be promoted both separately and establish priorities subdomains.

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